Walnut Built-ins

These built-in walnut cabinets for the Colbert Report conference room are built out of veneered plywood from Baird Brothers out of Ohio and trimmed in solid walnut. These shelving units add richness and style to the room. With the room dark already we wanted to go with a rich library look. I made one long unit that has 12 ft. of desk space with shelving all around it with two file draws and two smaller draws, shown here.

For the media space I build an entertainment unit with extra deep storage cabinets on the lower half with shelving surrounding the TV space above. The four doors open a full 190 degrees preventing any damage to the hinge due to over opening the door.

For the third wall space, we wanted to keep the space open and inviting so all we did here was put an 8 ft. desk top below a large shelving unit. Since the shelving unit is mounted on the wall we didn’t need to put supports under it. The space feels open and is better lit.

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