Side Projects

When I moved to NYC I found that I crave the out doors more than I thought I would and needed to do something big and inspiring.  So I decided to follow my childhood dream of building a tree house. Growing up I’ve spent a lot of time climbing a giant sycamore tree in front of my house. Everything seemed to become quieter and more peaceful.  People walking down the street could not see me and I felt safe, even though I was practically hanging from a tree with one hand.

Using my experience as a professional carpenter in NYC I’ve decided to build a tree house like no other. With inspiration from NY City surroundings, a small amount of cash and a lot of free time I’ve build the City Dweller. The walls are engineered like a trestle train bridge.  It has an exposed water barrel on the roof for a gravity fed water supply and a renewable DC power system….. should be cool…View more videos about my treehouse.

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