My trip to Hawaii – why I am going

Sometimes when you think your life is going so well, it has a way of turning you upside down and dropping you on your head. While showing you how helpless you are it can evoke an emotional pain much stronger than the physical variety. What is one to do in these times? I can tell you what I did.

I cleared my mind in the middle of all that pain and thought of something/anything that I’ve always wanted to do. Going to Hawaii is one of those childhood dreams of mine, and it is what popped into my head first. It created a spark,  a bit of wonder of what the future might hold. The pain didn’t go away, but it was more of an excitement that grew. Once I told my family, it finalized my decision to go and I started to feel better. So…. Hawaii.. Here I come….

Being a country boy at heart I’ve battled to stay in the city. With its crowds and traffic and grumpy people on the street, I’ve come to love this city for what it is — Fast and in your face.

Me and my sister's children this summer at NYC's fireworks display

Me and my sister's children this summer at NYC's fireworks display

Some of the things I’m going to miss most are memories of the city, not the city itself.

  • Trips to work on early Sunday morning. The streets are clear and the people are pleasant.
  • Public transportation will be missed by me. The MTA my have problems but you can get anywhere.
  • Deli on every corner and food carts on every other corner.
  • My job. I worked very hard to get in the stagehand union and to work for CBS.
  • Walks in the park with my dog.
  • My friends and my dog most of all.
Jackson and Mickey

Mickey and Jackson having fun. Mickey will stay with my Mom and Dad while I travel.

My trip to the Big Island will clear my head and my heart. I’ll have plenty of time to work on a new project, another tree house. Go figure. My time will be divided between exploration and building art projects. I’m counting the days till I leave but embracing the days I have left in the city.

Hawaii or bust! Right?

Watch for Monday’s post. I’ll have pics of the new CBS This Morning set that I’ve been working on.

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  1. Pam Cleverly says:

    Good Luck!!

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